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Dear List,

A brief response to the questions of Ferenc Ruzsa:

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reflecting on the no-script thesis some questions occurred to me.

<<1.) Is it only the paraphernalia of writing (tablets, ink-pots, paper
manufacturing equipment or whatever) that we do not find in the Indus
Culture? I think that there is a curious lack of religious objects, temples,
cemeteries. Does that suggest that they were irreligious and immortal?>>

There is *no* lack of religious objects and cemeteries in IVC [whereas there
*is* a lack of temples].  Therefore, one does not need to answer your
rhetorical and of course illogical question.

<<2.) What is the situation in those ages where we know for sure that
was a well estabilished practice? I mean -- from at least the rule of Ashoka
we have evidence of the widesprad use of script(s) in India. Do we find in
the corresponding archeological layers remnants of those writing tools

This is a good question, and here is an answer to it from Steve Farmer:
"Yes. We find them in great abundance. For discussion and references, see
Farmer, Sproat, and Witzel pp. 25-6."  Recall the post-Indus rock and cliff
inscriptions discovered by Jettmar.  Also, the paper discusses the discovery
of writing utensils at Taxila.

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Thanks for the good wishes, Ferenc, but I am married to someone else!

Best wishes to you.


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