IVC... and ICMS

Plamen Gradinarov plamen at ORIENTALIA.ORG
Tue Dec 21 08:47:42 EST 2004

Dean Anderson wrote:

>>I really wonder why academics are so retrofascinated by
>>such primitive forms of scholarly communication like lists and
>>quasi-usenet groups.
>What alternative would you suggest? I personally would like to see scholarly discussion move more in the direction of electronic
>communication such as that in Witzel's EJVS. I feel that the old system of print journals with limited distribution and access only impede academic progress.
Dear Dean,

I am totally with you and would even propose to make several steps
further: Let us set up an Indological Content Management System (ICMS)
combining the features of multiple electronic journals, the TTF
versatility of published book, the dynamic nature of online discussions,
the Open Spirit of GFDL, and the comprehensive substance of an
encyclopedic dictionary and original text repository, all in one.

In short, I am thinking about customizing the best solution now
available at the CMS market, namely, the Wikipedia, and come up with a
special clone of the English Wikipedia (about 2 Gigs of data) in 24
hours for all of us to experiment.

Best Regards,

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