fixed link--Stcherbatsky article

Jonathan Silk silk at HUMNET.UCLA.EDU
Wed Apr 28 00:55:00 EDT 2004

Several days ago the following was announced here:

A manuscript of an essay by Stcherbatsky has been discovered, edited
and published by Y.V. Vasilkov; it has been made available online at

When I tried to use this cite, and download the article in question
in pdf form, I found, as perhaps did others, the link broken (it is
possible also to read it simply within the website, however). Now, Mr
Dmitry Olenev has asked me to convey to the list the information that
he has repaired the link and one may download the pdf (as indeed I
have verified).

He also added the following:   A number of misprints are scattered
over the paper, but all of them were present in the printed original.

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