Publication of Skt Buddhist texts of possible interest

Shayne Clarke sclarke at HUMNET.UCLA.EDU
Sun Apr 25 13:30:04 EDT 2004

I believe the facsimile edition has just been, or is certainly about
to be, published by the team at Taisho University (The Institute for
Comprehensive Studies of Buddhism, Taisho University). Although their
webpage does not seem to have been recently updated, their previous
facsimile publications (Sravakabhumi, Vinayasutra, Abhisamacarika)
are available from the following url: (publications)

In any case, Yoshiyasu Yonezawa would certainly be able to help.
y_yonezawa at
y-yonez at

Please also note that a number of transliterated e-texts are also
available from their website.

Shayne Clarke

Department of Asian Languages & Cultures

>I have a question, however.  The reference on the "Taisho Books"
>website to a "facsimile edition" I find a bit mysterious.  Has a
>facsimile edition been published yet?  If so, does anyone know by whom
>it was published?
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