Vishvanath Temple

Stella Sandahl ssandahl at EAGLE.CA
Sun Aug 3 15:00:32 EDT 2003

I distinctly remember that during my first visit to Benares in 1970 there
was a sign in Hindi  outside the temple that foreigners and Harijans were
not allowed in (harijanoM aur videshiyoM ko andar jaanaa manaa hai). I
managed to enter it in 1975 with the help of a Hindu friend who assured them
that I was a Kashmiri Brahmin. I understand he also gave the priests some
bakshish. The sign is not longer there I believe.

Stella Sandahl

on 03/08/03 09:16, Joerg Gengnagel at Joerg.Gengnagel at URZ.UNI-HEIDELBERG.DE

> I am only aware of the fact that the Vishvanatha Temple was opened to
> untouchables in 1956. Svami Karpatri (Dharm Sangh, Durga Kund) and his Ram
> Rajya Party protested against this and a New Kashi Vishvanatha Temple was
> constructed with the help of the Maharaja at Mir Ghat.
> If one looks at regulations one should also take the vyavahara into
> consideration: I know of resident Non-Hindus and Non-Hindu members of
> pilgrimage groups who were allowed to enter the temple.
> Best
> Joerg Gengnagel

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