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Pl. consider also:

Rama entering the outcaste Matanga's wood. The battle between vAlin
and sugrIva, decisions made there, [....]

Didn't the Indologist discuss the buffalo sacrifice, a particularly
non-Vedic one, and its ancient memories in the epic?

--- "V.V. Raman" <VVRSPS at RITVAX.ISC.RIT.EDU> wrote:
> Two thoughts:
> 1.  Dominik's plight and frustration reminds me of the following statement by
> Vishvamitra (Balakanda: XIX):
> "Not long ago, I initiated a major sacrificial ritual. But before I could
> complete it, two rakshasas showed up to thwart my effort. They flung raw
> flesh
> and impure blood on my altar. "
> The sage recognized the magnitude of the disruptive forces. However, instead
> of
> abandoning the undertaking, he sought the assistance of Rama and Lakshmana,
> and
> succeeded.
> I suggest that Dominik follow that illustrious model.
> 2. The pressures on the Indology group refelct the very stressful times in
> which we live. With all their goodwill and effort at objectivity, it is very
> difficult for
> scholars (of humanistic disciplines) to work in their ivory towers.
> Excessive as some of the utterances have been, they were prompted more often
> by
> deep anger and indignation rather than purely sinister motives. This is not
> to
> condone such behavior or to suggest that we cater to it, but to try to
> understand it.
> V. V. Raman
> April 17, 2001

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