Rajesh Kochhar rkk at NISTADS.RES.IN
Tue Apr 17 04:19:12 EDT 2001

The list should not be shut down. But the opportunity should be used to recast it.In the new format,there should be  some respect for scholarship and academic accomplishments.The norms should be more or less the same as in refereed research journals.
(1)Frequency of posts should be decreased.
(2)Undignified behaviour, as ascertained by the Moderator , should be sufficient reason for  terminating membership 
(3)Membership of the Indology list should not be the sole reason for being a member. Those desirous of joining/remaining on the list must give some independent proof of being able to participate.
(4) There can be associate members, whose posts should be routed through a member.
(5) Members on their part should act as author - cum - referee for their own writings.

In earlier times access to available information / scholarship / learning / insights was restricted by considerations of caste / class / money and opportunity . Egalitarianism of internet should convert the whole world into a university and not a university into  the andher nagari of chaupat raja, where bhaji and khaja both sell for a taka a seer.

rajesh kochhar

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