Closing Indology

Mon Apr 16 20:15:07 EDT 2001

Dear Dominik,

Let me also add my voice to the chorus of disappointed Indology
subscribers -- it has been a rare and useful forum that has helped and
stimulated me on several occasions.  I also thank you heartily for all
the work you have put into running the list and do hope you find some
way of perpetuating it -- perhaps you could ask for a small team of
volunteer moderators to help out ?

Also, is it not strange to notice who has and has not sent you msgs of
support and regret concerning your decision --  those who have gone
out of their way to sabotage the list with their interminable
stupidity, bad manners, paranoia and fanaticism are rather silent for
a change !   Still I suppose they'll find another list to wreck :(

Best wishes,
Stephen Hodge

(hoping for some kind of Indology re-incarnation but not, pls, with

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