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Sun Apr 15 15:34:09 EDT 2001

Dr. Wujastyk commented that Indian Govt. is partisan in
Indological research. Now, I'm sure the West in its Collective power
will persevere in its mission for truth. Competition is good,
Indology positions for example in Sanskrit and Tamil studies,
Anthropology, Religion, ... can be increased by the West. It is the
West that has  come up with theories and speculations over the last
two centuries. Based on evidence, some times controversial. The
West found important Linguistics data and wrote their findings in
English and other European languages.

I also think barring any insults, Indians must be allowed
to take part in Indological discussions. After all, they
might tell important information which a 100 or so
Indologists cannot know them all.

V. Iyer

Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 11:13:00 -0700

I think this is a mistake, an admission of defeat by the yowling
yahoos who try to drown out competing voices with their screams and

You had a better idea the first time, i.e., to cancel anyone's
membership who uses insulting language.  But you obviously do not
have the time to keep up with the volume.  How about adding two or
three more moderators with authority to squelch insults and noise,
instead of setting up a private, off-limits list (which is what
everyone will assume you are doing)?  And set
up a "lurker" category for people to listen, but not write.

Free speech should not be allowed to be defeated by the saffron- or
white-shirted noisemakers.  Cure the problem, don't stop your speech.


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 > I have requested the owners of the INDOLOGY list at the University
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