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By "mounting it" I mean putting it on a webpage.  Dominik has offered
to mount it on Indology, which is a natural place for it.

Allen T.

>>> leona anderson <leona.anderson at UREGINA.CA> 12/20 9:24 PM >>>
>Allen:  I would be grateful for such a bibliography.  Before I say
>yes, what exactly do you mean by "mounting it"?  If you could dig
>the names of the Italian scholars, I would also be grateful. leona

>I have collected a number of articles on cryptographic phenomena in
>India, most not specifically on Sanskrit.  I will try to put
>a bibliography early in the new year.  Would anyone be interested
>mounting it if I do?  Things are too bureaucratic here. There was
>a poster put up at the World Sanskrit Conference in Turin that two
>Italian private scholars (lawyers as I recall) were looking for
>collaborators in the study of India cryptography.  I will try to
>up their addresses at the same time.   Ms. Anderson will please
>me if I'm slow about this.
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