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Robert Zydenbos zydenbos at GMX.LI
Wed Dec 20 14:37:11 EST 2000

Am 20 Dec 2000, um 13:08 schrieb Dominik Wujastyk:

> On Tue, 19 Dec 2000, Brian Akers wrote:
> > I agree. TeX is completely unsuited for a production environment
> > (ordinary mortals struggling with deadlines).
> This isn't really true.  TeX is the typesetting engine in the
> production line for gargantuan publications [...]

It appears still less true if one knows handy graphical front-ends for
TeX use like Lyx for Linux (sorry for the repeated propaganda, but
I've become a Linux-lover) and the still nicer version of it for the
KDE desktop environment, kLyx, which are open-source sortware. I
find them actually easier to use for producing long texts than the
usual WYSIWYG word processors with style sheets. They produce
LaTeX output (if you want them to) without the user needing to
know a single TeX command; you can do just about everything
(also printing, or viewing the output on-screen before printing)
without knowing the basics of TeX; and if you do know (La)TeX, you
can insert your own special commands if you want. They also take
care of placing footnotes (cf. one of Gunthard Mueller's main
complaints about TeX). And much  help information, and tutorials,
are a click away on your hard disk.

> Sorry, this is a grossly off-list topic!  I'll stop.

But perhaps useful all the same. :-)


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