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This message, and others like it, are not relevant to the subject matter
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I am not making any judgement about the worthiness of any political
causes, but this is not the place to discuss them.  There are many
internet forums which welcome and encourage such discussions.  There are
very few forums which do what INDOLOGY tries to do.  So please respect the
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On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, Akhilesh Jha wrote:

> Namaskar Vikrantji,
> It is not that I have a ready solution but IMO
> there are certain steps that must be followed.
> 1. Recognition of the fact Hindu temples were
> destroyed, descrated and plundered on a very
> systematic and large scale by invaders, mainly
> muslims. Before we set out to recover what was
> looted from us we must not have any doubt whether
> looting and plundering itself was committed.
> We still have Congress, communists and pseudo-
> secularists denying this very fact.
> 2. We need to spread this fact among masses of
> Bharat so that they know the fact and become
> aware enough to demand justice, right and property.
> Once the people rise up for truth, rest would
> follow.
> 3. We should always watch out for those who's
> agenda is to white wash history by concealing
> and/or distorting the fact. We must expose such
> people and their agenda.
> Regards.
> Jha

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