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As other members have very well said we must
oppose the whitewash of historical crimes against
Hindus by muslim invaders and Christian missionaries.
We must not attack, or make scapegoats or blame
some for the crimes of their ancestors but we must
not forget the attack, the loot, the plunder, the
destruction brought upon Bharat by invaders. And,
we must not rest till the historical crimes have
been accounted for, not by making scapegoats but
by returning of looted properties, by admitting to
the crimes and by a clear commitment of not
repeating the same.

To ask, "how constructive it is to dwell on
something that happened so long ago" is escaping
from the responsibility. Before asking such question
to Hindus of Bharat, why don't we suggest Jews to
forget what happened to them so long ago, why don't
we suggest to Palestinians about forgetting their
history, why don't we ask Australian aborigines to
forget what the settlers did to them.

No, history and historical crimes cannot be forgotten
so simply because it hurts some. More so when the
crimes were committed in the name of a religion and
that religion, that theology is still roaring to
destroy everything that is different from them.

The only way to correct historical crimes is to face
them head on, not to play politics with them.

--- Lynken Ghose <lynkenghose at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> Dear Indology members:
> There have been a few recent postings calling for
> the redressing of
> grievances for the Muslim invasions of India.
> Admittedly, these invasions
> were tragic, and, from what I have read, did wreak
> destruction. However, I
> am not sure how constructive it is to dwell on
> something that happened so
> long ago, or, to stir up anger against an entire
> group of people, making
> them the scapegoats for something that happened
> before they were even born.
> If this is the point of such messages, then I am
> against them.
> However, if the point of the messages is just to try
> to avoid whitewashing
> history, then I am for them.
> Lynken Ghose
> Iowa State University
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