Scary Spice

Ven. Tantra troyoga at YAHOO.COM
Sat Dec 9 21:27:59 EST 2000

<<That is why I agree with several list-members who
have already said before: the topic designated "Black
as Evil" is harmful and dangerous. We should better
drop it for good.>>

It’s strange. In matters of finance, “in the black”
means one is rolling in it, while “in the red” means
just the opposite. But a “red-blooded” person is
strong and robust. Still, whatever ones skin tone, we
all know well what it’s like to have a black heart.
And indeed, would Scary Spice be any less scary if she
were white? I think she’s right. ‘Racism is not going
to go away soon.’ So it’s better that we confront this
ugly fact of life while our minds are still young and
resilient. This list should be something like a wide
and multi-laned freeway. Just let the wild ones keep
to the right, or is the left?

Ven. Tantra

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