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>Periannan.Chandrasekaran wrote:
>>>                We have  Visakha for Murugan.
>>>                  Purba for Devi.
>>And ONam for tirumAl (viSNu).
>>One of the pattuppAttu (such as maturaikkAJci) mentions
>>something like "the one born on ONam star".
>>tiruvAtirai star is associated with Sivan ...
>Could you give astronomical identifications of the stars you mention, please!
>Best regards,
>Georg v. Simson

                Vishakha is a sub-constellation falling in two signs
        of the zodiac. Three-quarters of it are in Libra and one-quarter
        in Scorpio. The main stars in Vishakha are Beta and Gamma
        Librae and Delta Scorpionis.
                Purba is otherwise known as Puuram in Tamil. It
         falls in Leo. The main stars going into this make up the body
        of the Lion beyond the head and shoulder. The main stars are
        Zosma-Delta Leonis and Coxa-Theta Leonis.
                ONam or SravaNa is a subconstellation which occupies
        the central four-ninths parts of Capricorn. Omega and Theta
        Capricornis together with some minor stars make up this





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