Hindu new years day

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Tue Jan 26 11:02:29 EST 1999

> From: jayabarathi [mailto:jaybee at TM.NET.MY]
> >in ordinary mortals like me the janma nakshatra determines
> >the birthdays.But for avatars the tithi marks the jayanthi.
> >How and why this transformation ?
> >
> >Krish.
> >
>                 Not necessarily so.
>                 We have  Visakha for Murugan.
>                  Purba for Devi.

And ONam for tirumAl (viSNu).
One of the pattuppAttu (such as maturaikkAJci) mentions
something like "the one born on ONam star".

tiruvAtirai star is associated with Sivan but I suppose
not as his birth star since he is called
"piRavA yakkaip periyOn2" or "the greate one who has
the body that was never given birth to"
[cilappatikAram chapter 5-intiravizavur eTuttakAtai?].

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