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Fri Jan 22 11:35:50 EST 1999

> From: Georg von Simson
>> Is it possible that the word for "chariot" has to be interpreted as
> "chariot warrior" (i.e. Arjuna) in this context? Remember
> that Sanskrit
> ratha means both "chariot" and "warrior", "hero".

        The pAsuram says
"pArtan2 tEr mun2 n2inRAnai"

-"the one who stood in front of the chariot of pArtan2".

I suppose there is no confusion here.
I have found from reading the book "108 vaiNava tivya
tEza tala varalARu" that for these temple where "pArtazArati"
is said to be associated, two versions of the history are
offered, the "charioteer" version being weak or incomplete
and the main deity never in that form at all. Only the
festival deity, the image that is small and mobile, in the form
of pArtazArati!.

For "tiru allikkENi" in Madras, the main deity is
"veGkata krsihNan".
What I find intriguing is that even at the other temple
in the 11-temple cluster with tirunAGkUr (near pUmpukAr)
as the center  by the name of "pArtan2 paLLi", the
main deity is *not* in the form of "pArtazArati" and he is
called "tAmaraiyAL kELvan2" (the husband of the lotus lady
or of tirumakaL or of lakSmi) and only
the festival deity is in that form. And as posted by me earlier
the temple history also does not mention gItA upadEza;
it simply says ArjunA had been granted water by kriSNa
when he was extremely thristy after even agastyA failed to
produce any from his bottle.
The general history of this  11 temple cluster listed says these temples are
said to be
associated with the episode where tirumAl ("viSNu") pacified
zivA (who had started spinning of clones of himself during
a vehement dance) by making himself appear in 11 different
popular forms from various other famous temple of his
such as zRiraGkam, vEGkatam (tirupati) and pArtazArati.
And this "pAtan pALLi" is said to be where the lord stayed
 in the form of "pArtazArati" but the main deity is neither
named so nor in is he in that form!.


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