etymology of tree name "maraam" and the geography of the mara am t ree

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> This could be Farsi or borrowed into Farsi because the word
> "meram" is used in Turkish for a wooded place and I don't
> think it is from Turkish originally.
 Ta. maram = wood or tree.

> > used very frequently in Tamil Sangam era literature
> > to denote the tree called "katampu" or "veN (white) katampu"?
> > It also seems to be referred to as "aachchaa" tree.
> This is also strange. Aghach, or aach means 'tree' or 'wood'
> in Turkic languages.

I rememeber reading that there are supposed to be some similarities
between Tamil (Dravidian)  and Turkic-Altaic langauges?
Is that what we are seeing here?


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