Tibetan Origin of Tantrism and Siva

Paul Kekai Manansala kekai at JPS.NET
Thu Jan 14 14:08:58 EST 1999

Erik Hoogcarspel wrote:
> If yoy would know anything about Chinese texts you would know that the work > called now the Nei Ching is a forgery.

Maybe according to the theories of some Western scholars, but this is
hardly a universal view. The idea that the Nei Ching was embellished is
not based on empirical evidence.  We know that the text was mentioned
in very early works.  The version we have today was compiled in the
T'ang Dynasty.  But so what.  The Rgveda was preserved orally for
centuries, before being committed to written form, yet we see that is
used by AIT/AIM theories in the most liberal fashion to substantiate
their theories.

>In the Tao-te Ching it appears that > yin is the preactive fase of cosmic energy and yang the subsequent active > fase. So both are very much comparable with the positive and negative pool
> of electricity. The same opinion you'll find in the commentaries of the I> Ching and in neoconfucianism FI Chou Tun-i.

In Taoism and the I-Ching, Yin and Yang are still identified with the
creative forces and with the cycles of creation/destruction, life/death
associated with the interaction of female and male (or positive and
negative) energies.

Paul Kekai Manansala

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