A plea to Cambridge univ. press

Sanjeev Shankar shankars at SPRINT.CA
Tue Jan 12 20:45:24 EST 1999

> N. Ganesan wrote:
> > this book will be a good reality check for many
> > politically motivated, home-grown theories of
> > Indigenous Aryans spreading out far into the West.
> <<<
> How so???
> Interestingly Parpola makes use of the Rg Veda and
> other scriptures ...
> >>>
> I know Prof. Parpola's publications well.
> The answer is quite complex. At the very least,
> The book, "Deciphering the Indus script" if available
> widely and affordably in India,
> the elitist status quo and dominance will be in for a shake-up.

Again how so?? And how will making this book available make the "answer"
complex?  And what exactly do you mean by "the elitist status quo and
dominance will be in for a shake-up"? Please do expand on your theories.

> I have tried to explain some aspects for few years now
> in Indology.
> Regards,
> N. Ganesan
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