Sanskrit translations in Nazi hands

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A "shadow," as the Jungians might say.

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>Robert Zydenbos, in a bit of defensive revisionism, argues against the
>charge of Jung's nazi affiliations.
>>Je pense que non.
>Sadly, for all those so enamored of Jung, he was indeed a virulent nazi who
>wrote position papers for the nazis, believing that his notion of
>collective unconscious and the nazi aryan ideal were of the same stuff.
>This is not an idle charge, but well documented and well known among Jung
>scholars and practitioners - though, understandably, not the sort of thing
>they broadcast far and wide.
>One place to begin catching up on this is the introduction to the
>translation of Jung's lectures on Nietzsche's Zarathustra. The intro is
>written by a British Jungian therapist, who, while conceding the disturbing
>contents of those lectures as part of a study group meeting in the later
>1930s, pleads that we not throw out the baby with the bathwater.
>What is more disturbing, to me, is that Bollingen Princeton Univ Press,
>which publishes everything else by Jung and the Eranos group in affordable,
>easily available editions, has made this particular book difficult to
>obtain. Its price was $100 when first issued, and now somewhat higher, if
>one can find it at all.
>If one examines Freud's writings on Jung, including his diary entries, one
>will note that even at their very first meeting, Freud was struck by Jung's
>antisemitism, and continuously over the course of their relationship,
>vainly encouraged Jung to drop it. While Freud never slept with his
>patients, Jung did, even though Freud also warned him against that as well.
>Simply put, Carl had a darker side.
>Dan Lusthaus
>Florida State University

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