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Christopher Fernandez chris_fernand90 at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Jan 11 08:44:46 EST 1999

Paul Kekai Manansala <kekai at JPS.NET> wrote:
>>From my understanding, S. Palaniappan stated that "Arya" was
>> sometimes used in Tamil texts to refer to Sanskrit. He did not
>> mention anything approaching the use of the term for the family
>> of Indo-Aryan languages (or some close facsimile).

Chris Fernandez pointed out:
* No. He said, "There is ample evidence that Arya was a
* name for Sanskrit and its derivates."

Again, Paul Manansala writes:
>So the term Arya applied also to Tamil and other Dravidian languages,
>since these were also considered as descending from Sanskrit?

Not so, according to S. Palaniappan. Let us check his
original posting  on Kak again:
"This is absolutely not true. There is ample evidence that Arya was
a name for Sanskrit and its derivates. Consider the following
tEvAram line (6th or 7th century AD) from a hymn by Saint Appar.

Ariyam tamizOTu icai An2anan2 (tEv.

Here Ziva is praised as one who became music with Arya, and Tamil".

  As you can see, Saint Appar clearly distinguishes between
  Tamil and Aryan.


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