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I know you mentioned that Chandragomin visited
dhAnyakataka. What you failed to mention is that
it is in the telugu region - a very significant
factor as far as the location of "parvata" is



At 03:17 PM 1/10/99 PST, you wrote:
>Mr. D.V.N. Sarma writes:
>*In my next post I will locate dhAnyakaTaka which chandragomin visited
>*in the telugu country (which fact none of the previous postings in
>* this thread bothered to mention).
> This is not correct, I am afraid. Taranatha saying "After visiting
> DhanyakaTaka, Candragomin settled in Potalaka of the
> Malaya mountain" was posted two days ago. It was posted
> in the writeups with the title "where was Panini inspired?"
> also long ago.
> Regards
> N. Ganesan
> Two days ago, N. Ganesan posted:
>Taaraanaatha, the Tibetan lama, says that after
>CandragomI prayed to Tara and Avalokitezvara in
>DhanyakaTaka and building a hundred temples for
>each of them, he goes to settle down Potalka mount.
>Taranatha's history of Buddhism, p. 202ff.
>"In the DhAnyakaTaka caitya there, he [=CandragomI] worshipped
>TArA and Arya Avalokitezvara and built a hundred
>temples for each of them. He went to the
>Potala hill and is still living there without
>renouncing his mortal body".
> Candragomin who saved Mahabhasya tradition
>from extinction settled in Potalaka in the
> deep South, according to Taaraanaatha (1600 AD).
>This is consistent with the Tamil
>tradition (from 11th century onwards) that
>Siddhas' residence par excellence
>is Potiyil/Potikai mountain.
>Ptolomy calls Potikai(Potiyil) Mountain
>as Bettigo. Mahabhaarata vanaparvan has Agastya
>in the Malaya mountain. Dandin calls Potiyil
>as the Southern mountain(dakSiNAdri).
>Dandin's usage parallels with
>the earlier Tamil tradition from Sangam era
>onwards that Malaya is THE  Southern
>mountain. PuRanaanUru and Cilappatikaaram
>refers to Himalayas and Potiyil (Malaya)
>mountains in the same line. They are
>the cultural symbols of North and South
>in early Tamil literature.
>Candragomin, who saved the Mahabhasya tradition from
>extinction went and settled down at the Mount Potalaka.
>He is still living there, according to Taranatha.
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