Sanskrit translations in Nazi hands

jonathan silk at YALE.EDU
Sun Jan 10 17:31:07 EST 1999

>The following should also be mentioned:
>Adriana Berger. Fascism and Religion in Romania (review of Eliade's
>Autobiography, vol. 2, 1988; and Ricketts' Mircea Eliade-The Romanian Roots,
>Annals of Scholarship 1989, vol 6, N. 4: 455-465.
>Berger quotes British intelligence documents from 1940 that suspect Eliade
>of having Nazi connections.

I don't have the reference at hand, but I seem to recall that Ivan Strenski
has written about Eliade and about Berger's criticisms in a book on 4
figures in Comparative Religion (all my materials are in the office --
sorry), and he went to the trouble to check the British documents, at least
some of which -- *if* I recall correctly -- do not say what Dr Berger said
they say...

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