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According to R. C. Majumdar (Study of Sanskrit in South-East Asia,
 p. 25), a Sanskrit inscription was discovered in a place called
Vat Luong Kau dated to be of the second half of 5th century AD.
"It begins with an invocation to brahmA, viSNu and ziva and then
refers to the great king (maharAjAdhirAja) zrI devAnIka and compares
 him with yudhiSThira, indra, dhanaJjaya, indradyumna,
zibi, mahApuruSa, kanakapANDya(?), the great Ocean and meru."
The possible name pANDya is of significance here.

 Prof. J. Filliozat in 1960s has written in a few places
about Sri-Maara in South East Asian inscriptions. He has
shown that from the contexts of the inscriptions, Sri-Maara
donates the tutelary title of Pandya kings - mARan.

N. Ganesan

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