Sanskrit translations in Nazi hands

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Sat Jan 9 17:46:55 EST 1999

Adriana Berger. Fascism and Religion in Romania (review of Eliade's
Autobiography, vol. 2, 1988; and Ricketts' Mircea Eliade-The Romanian
Annals of Scholarship 1989, vol 6, N. 4: 455-465.

 May be we should wait for R. S. Ellwood, The politics
 of myth: a study of C. G. Jung, M. Eliade and J. Campbell,
 SUNY, 1999.

 Is Maitreyi Devi related to S. N. Dasgupta?
 What is the connection to Eliade?

 Eliade a) Bengal nights b) Maitreyi
 Maitreyi Devi, It does not die: a romance

 N. Ganesan

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