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> Description:  Shankalu is a Sanskrit word meaning a person who raises
> question in order to learn more about any issue without any preconceived
> notions and is ready to challenge any authority or in other words he has
> no 'sacred cows'. This list is basically for communication amongst people
> who were raised as Hindus but have since grown out of the straight jacket
> of the religions. There are many lists for non-believers of Christian
> dogma and Bible etc but none that I know of which does the same kind of
> analysis of the Hindu scriptures. The list is not moderated and open to
> people raised in other religions too if they are interested in the
> critical analysis of Hindu scriptures. It is not to be used as a means for
> missionaries of other religions to find fault with Hindu religions or
> philosophy and/or to collect ammunition for converting Hindus to their own
> cults or faiths.
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