Sanskrit translations in Nazi hands

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Sorry to start the new year with this topic that is off topic. Just a
The "Mircea Eliade's some nazi connections" is his contribution to the
Italian group of Ur (Ur-Krur), which several intellectuals, in the years
twenties and thirties, directly and indirectly took part to (such as
Julius Evola, painter and philosopher, Emilio Servadio, psychoanalyst!
Sibilla Aleramo, writer and poetess, and many others who wrote
anonymously in the journal and only recently have been surely
identified). Some of the ideas of the group have been popularized and
appropriated by some fascist and nazi streams.
Gandhi visited Rome under Mussolini and in Italy there were a big Indian
students' meeting supported by Mussolini. The political empathy between
Mussolini and the 2 Maharaja of Nepal at his time, between him and the
major intellectuals and politicians in India and Bengal was reciprocal
and well documented. (BTW, in Sept. 1930, VIII year of the Mussolinian
era, the Italian export to India was as big as 1 billion and 300 million
It. Liras). Useless (or not?) to remind the connections between
Mussolini and Hitler.

P. Robb, 1997, OUP book:
"Savarkar expressed a certain attraction for European fascism.
In 1938, the year after he became president of the Hindu Mahasabha,
he congratulated Hitler during a public meeting in Delhi for
having 'liberated' the Sudetans who shared the 'same blood
and same tongue' as the Germans. At the same time, Hindu
Outlook (the Hindu Mahasabha mouthpiece) and Mahratta (one of
Tilak's newspapers, edited by N.C. Kelkar, an active Hindu
Sabhaite) praised Franco and Mussolini as well as Hitler.
  Some Hindu Sabhaites had had direct contacts with European
fascists since the early 1930s. When Moonje (Tilak's
lieutenant at Nagpur, who became president of the Hindu
Mahasabha in 1927) journeyed to London to attend the first
Round table Conference, he went to Italy in order "to see the
working of the Ballila movement", It seems that he met
Hitler and had an interview with Mussolini, who was
pleased to show him his military institutions".

The internal colonistic and racial attitudes, postings
of a one-month old entrant can be linked to the grounding
s/he had in these camps with links to Nazis/Fascists.
I can understand these racist modes of thoughts now.
My New Year's prayer is that Let God spare India
of the internal colonistic racism in the 21st century.

Academic discussions from learned members are appreciated.

Have a great 1999,
N. Ganesan

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