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> I am undecided
>whether to stick with the Mac or switch to Windows.

For anyone considering using Windows or Windows NT to write in Indian
scripts I can strongly recommend the  package of fonts and keyboard program
developped by Avinash Chopde and Shreekrishna Patil. It goes by the name of
ILKEYB (Indian Language Keyboard Program).  The Indian Language Fonts are
elegant and the keyboard layout program is ingeniously simple.  It has a
simple little program which runs inconspicuously in the background, and
with it you can write in Indian Language Fonts in just about any Windows
word processor (MS Word, Word Perfect...).  Typing is very quick, as quick
as you can type in English.  No need to remember any samaasa-aksharas.
They are all produced automatically as you type.

The best thing about it is the help and support accorded by Messers Chopde
and Patil.  They are both professional programmers based in the USA.
Although the package is a very simple self-installing affair, still if you
have any particular needs they are ready to add things on request.

Mr Chopde has also developped the ITRANS package (for UNIX and DOS) and he
is working on a package which will work on any Operating System (IScript).

The ILKEYB web page:


The ITRANS page:


The OS independant project:


I don't say that ILKEYB is perfect nor can I say that this package is the
best around, because I haven't tried them all.  But I can say that I have
used this package extensively and have found it to be elegantly simple and
perfectly suited to my needs.

And the price is VERY reasonable.


Adrian Burton


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