Bibliography of South Asian linguistics, 1998

Boris Oguibenine oguibeni at MONZA.U-STRASBG.FR
Tue Jan 20 17:07:16 EST 1998

On Wed, 14 Jan 1998 22:14:27 +0100, wieson wrote:

>I am currently compiling a bilbiography on South Asian linguistics
>conducted by scholars residing/working in Europe for the 'Yearbook of South
>Asian Languages and Linguistics' (ed. by Rajendra Singh, Montreal), which
>will be published next year by Sage Publications, Delhi.
>Last year concentrated mainly on Hindi-Urdu and Himalayan research. The
>main emphasis of this year's bibliography for Europe will be on historical
>linguistics - of all the language families of the sub-continent. In
>addition, work done in the last year (1997) on ANY aspect of South Asian
>linguistics will be included under a separate heading.
>I would like to ask all scholars residing in Europe who have done research
>in the 1990's on historical aspects of any South Asian language who would
>like to have this information included in the bibliography - as well as any
>research done on any aspect concerning these languages in the last year -
>to send me the relevant information at the address below by January 23,
>1998 at the very latest. I am especially interested in research done AFTER
>1993 (the last year covered by the Bibliographie Linguistique) as well as
>any literature which may have been overseen there. Please be sure to
>include all relevant information (especially issue no., page nos., etc.,
>with journals).
>Please pass this message along to any of your colleagues who may be
>Thanks in advance for your help!
>John Peterson
>Seminar f!r Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft
>Universit!t Z!rich
>Fax-Nr. (+41)-1-634 49 10
>Email: (preferably:) peterson at
>or wieson at

A recent publication which you might be willing to include in your
bibliography: Boris Oguibenine, Initiation a l'etude pratique du
sanskrit bouddhique, Paris, Picard, 1996.



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