Shankaracarya of the North

Edeltraud Harzer Clear eclear at UTS.CC.UTEXAS.EDU
Mon Jan 19 13:40:47 EST 1998

Dear Martin,
do you have the spiritual head of the Danda Sannyasis in mind?
You may want to look in William Cenkner A TRADITION OF TEACHERS.
SANSKARA AND JAGADGURUS TODAY, published by Motilal Banarsidass
in Delhi,1983, repr.1995.

Since this is not absolutely current, you may want to contact
Prof. Andrew Fort at the Texas Christian University, who
interviewed several of the Sanskaracaryas. I am not sure whether
he went to Jyotirmath or Allahabad though. I know of his visits
to the maths in the south of India.

Good luck,
Edeltraud Harzer Clear
Asian Studies
Univ. of Texas

>Does anyone know who the current Shankaracarya of the North is and any
information about him i.e. who his Guru was, who his predecessor was and any
other info around that. I heard there was some controversy around the
current seat.
>Thank you for your help.

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