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>Greetings to All You Linguists Out There:
 >I have found a group of 12th c. stones from the Nalgonda area (near
>Hyderabad) depicting self-oblation (also mentioned by P.A.
>Sreenivasachar in an article from the A.P. Arch Series, no 15, 1963, if
>you want to delve into this a bit). A few of the stones have Telegu
>inscriptions. I have carefully photographed the inscriptional sections
>of the stones and now am in search of someone who might be interested in
>helping with the translation of the inscription.
>Is there some person out there who might be interested in this little
>Many Thanks to all you aural people for thinking visually for a few
>Mary Storm
>Yes: please send me a copy of the Telugu inscription. I will try to help you.
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