Telegu Inscription

Mary Storm umadevi at SFO.COM
Sun Jan 18 14:47:43 EST 1998

Greetings to All You Linguists Out There:
I am an art historian from U.C.L.A., in the throes of finishing my
dissertation on heroic self-sacrifice imagery. I am working on hero
stones, sculptures and paintings from many different regions of India. I
read and speak Hindi, but am woefully ignorant of other Indian
I have found a group of 12th c. stones from the Nalgonda area (near
Hyderabad) depicting self-oblation (also mentioned by P.A.
Sreenivasachar in an article from the A.P. Arch Series, no 15, 1963, if
you want to delve into this a bit). A few of the stones have Telegu
inscriptions. I have carefully photographed the inscriptional sections
of the stones and now am in search of someone who might be interested in
helping with the translation of the inscription.
Is there some person out there who might be interested in this little
Many Thanks to all you aural people for thinking visually for a few
Mary Storm

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