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Mariana Caixeiro mcc.bissau at SOL.GTELECOM.GW
Fri Jan 16 14:57:54 EST 1998

Dear Collegues

I was asked to teach a free Course on Indian Society and Culture to
students from a big variety of courses: Philosophy, Linguistics,
Anthropology,History, etc.The course is open to all the students of the
University. Before I know wich are the backgroud of my students I was asked
to write a previous programme. My problem is how to elaborate a programme
for students of such a diverse background and without any knowledge   about
indian cultura. The ignorance about India in Portugal is generalised. I
have already teached a couse on Indian Cultura and Society to students of
Antropology wich was easear for me as I am an antropologist though with a
very strong componente of Indology, knowledge of Sanskrit , hindi, Indian
liteature, philosophy and history.
By chance any of you ever had to teach such a kind of course to students
with various educational background? Could someone give me some sugestions
on the content of the progrmma and how to start? I would like to give a
general and integrated knowledge of Indian cultura, its past and relation
to the present culture and society in order to motivate students to work on
Indian matters.

Thanks for help
and patience with frivolous inquiry.

Mariana Caixeiro
e-mail:mcc.bissau at

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