"Indus Script" , "Aryan Invasion Theory" and "horse(s) in the Indus Valley"

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Fri Jan 16 08:37:41 EST 1998

Below please find additions to recently stated references re above subjects:

1. "Indus Script"
Rajaram, N.S.: Jha's decipherment of the Indus Script: a summary; transcript of
talk delivered at the Mythic Society, Bangalore Jan. 9, 1997
Wallia C.J.S. http://www.indiastar.com/jha.htm
The Hindu Nov. 4, 1997: Indus script can now be read (interview with Rajaram)

2. "Aryan Invasion Theory"
Rajaram, N.S.: The Politics of History; Aryan invasion theory and the subversion
of scholarship, New Dehli 1995
Rajaram, N.S. and Frawley, David: Vedic Aryans and the Origins of Civilization,
Second revised and enlarged edition, New Dehli 1997
Agrawal, Dinesh: The Demise of Aryan Invasion/Race Theory:
Mahajan, Jaynant: The Myth of Aryan Invasion of India:
Kalyanaraman, S.: Sarasvati-Sindhu civilization (c.3000 B.C.)
Wallia, C.J.S.: Ancient India in New Light:
Kak, Subhash: On the Aryan Invasion Theory:

3. "horse(s) in the Indus Valley"
Sethna, K.D.: The Problem of Aryan Origins; From an Indian point of view,
New Dehli 1992 pp 278-279
Rajaram & Frawley 1997 (quoted above): pp 89-90, 125, 206, 224-225
Plate XCV 443, said to be from c. 1800 B.C., shows an entire horse

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