Deciphering the Indua valley script

Vasudha Narayanan vasu at RELIGION.UFL.EDU
Thu Jan 15 08:34:06 EST 1998

There was an interesting discussion on the Aryan "invasion" / "migration"
theories about a year back in the listserv of Religion in South Asia
(American Academy of Religion).  It can be found at:
There is annotated biblio as well on this topic, but nothing on the Indus
Best wishes, Vasudha

At 04:47 PM 1/14/98 PST, you wrote:
>Dear List Members,
> Will somebody please point me to the latest in terms of decipherment of
>the Indus Valley Script? I would like to have your ides and opinions on
>the new( ~ 10 years old) theory about it's being related to Sanskrit.
>May I also request for references and papers on the latest status as
>regards the "Aryan Invasion Theory?"
> Looking forward to your replies and thanking you very much
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