Help with a sentence?

Jacob Baltuch jacob.baltuch at EURONET.BE
Wed Jan 7 13:40:03 EST 1998

>what would be the subject in the
>sentence you mentioned firstly, if you disconnect
>sva from kaH: svayoor ...... zakyate to handle as
>a separate sentence, how to translate this?

The subject would be the (real) subject of jJaatum na zakyam:

``svayoor maataa-pitroor api sarvam caritram jJaatum na zakyam''

(transl: it is impossible (for one) to know the whole life even of
(one's) own parents)

>Let us return to your first question: do you
>accept my advice for taking sva as a reflexiv
>pronomina or not?

I do.

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