jogayara in Samavayanga-suttam?

Peter Wyzlic pwyzlic at PWYZ.RHEIN.DE
Tue Jan 6 12:48:39 EST 1998

On Tue, 6 Jan 1998, Royce Wiles wrote:

[...] [Re: jogaayaara]
> you. Have you thought of checking Vijayarajendra's Abhidhanarajendrah
> 1910-25 (7 v.)? The Library at ANU has managed to misplace v.s 3 and 4, and
> v. 3 is just the one needed.

The Abhidhaanaraajendra gives "Samm 1 kaa.n.da" and "Vaacas" as
references. The first refers to Siddhasena's Divaakara's (which is written in Prakrit, also known
as Sammaisutta), according to the table of abbreviations the
second refers to Vaacaspatyabhidhaana, obviously a Kosha, but I
am not sure what it really is (there is an old Kosha work,
'Sabdaar.nava by Vaacaspati which is lost, and a modern six or
seven volume work by Taranatha Tarkavacaspati known as
Vaacaspatyam; perhaps others?).  I guess the reference in the
"Illustrated Ardhamagadhi" dictionary was taken from
Abhidhaanaraajendra (?).

I have seen only one occurence of "joga" in the Sammatitarka: the
compound "joganimmita" (1.kanda), but I may have overlooked
others.  It is a subtle work not meant for fast reading.

Peter Wyzlic

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