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 Handbook of Second Language Acquisition

     Edited by
     William C. Ritchie and Tej K. Bhatia
     Syracuse University, New York

     January 1996, 758 pp., $69.95/ISBN: 0-12-589042-7

A comprehensive reference source, Handbook of Second Language Acquisition
discusses the research, theory, and applications specific to second language
acquisition. The book addresses:

Issues of maturation and modularity
Language transfer between first and second languages
Neuropsychology of second language acquisition
Research and methodological issues in the study of second language acquisition
Language contact and its consequences

CONTENTS: W.C. Ritchie and T.K. Bhatia, Second Language Acquisition:
Introduction, Foundations, and Overview. Research and Theoretical Issues in
Second Language Acquisition: K.R. Gregg, The Logical and Developmental Problems
of Second Language Acquisition. Issues of Maturation and Modularity in Second
Language Acquisition: L. White, Universal Grammar and Second Language
Acquisition: Current Trends and New Directions. S. Flynn, A Parameter-Setting
Approach to Second Language Acquisition. J. Schachter, Maturation and the Issue
of Universal Grammar in Second Language Acquisition. F.R. Eckman, A
Functional-Typological Approach to Second Language Acquisition Theory. B.
McLaughlin and R. Heredia, Information-Processing Approaches to Research on
Second Language Acquisition and Use. D. Preston, Variationist Linguistics and
Second Language Acquisition. Second Language Speech and the Influence of the
First Language: J. Leather and A. James, Second Language Speech. S. Gass, Second
Language Acquisition and Linguistic Theory: The Role of Language Transfer.
Research Methodology and Applications: D. Nunan, Issues in Second Language
Acquisition Research: Examining Substance and Procedure. A. Sorace, The Use of
Acceptability Judgments in Second Language Acquisition Research. Modality and
the Linguistic Environment in Second Language Acquisition: M.H. Long, The Role
of the Linguistic Environment in Second Language Acquisition. G.P. Berent, The
Acquisition of English Syntax by Deaf Learners. The Neuropsychology of Second
Language Acquisition and Use: L.K. Obler and S. Hannigan, Neurolinguistics of
Second Language Acquisition and Use. Language Contact and its Consequences: R.W.
Anderson and Y. Shirai, The Primacy of Aspect in First and Second Language
Acquisition: The Pidgin-Creole Connection. S. Romaine, Bilingualism. H.W.
Seliger, Primary Language Attrition in the Context of Bilingualism. T.K. Bhatia
and W.C. Ritchie, Bilingual Language Mixing, Universal Grammar, and Second
Language Acquisition. Glossary. Author Index. Subject Index.

Tej Bhatia

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