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> Subject: Sanskrit in scientific terminology, reply to P. Kiparsky
> For various reasons (I have no e-mail connection at home and no time to 
> go through so many messages at Institute) I do not obtain the Indology 
> mail, but by kindness of colleagues Kiparsky's question of 12th 
> September and Wyzlic's notes of 13th September have reached me. I hope 
> this answer will also reach Kiparsky.
> Bollensen had moved to Kazan in 1852 and to Germany in 1858. Petrov 
> taught in Moscow. Minaev (1840-90) was still student in Germany and 
> started his teaching in St. Petersburg only in 1869. As was noted by 
> Wyzlic, Boehtlingk never lectured and Roth did not even live in Russia. 
> The man in charge of Sanskrit at the Oriental Faculty of St. Petersburg 
> University was Kaetan Andreevich Kossovich (1815-1883), known of an 
> unfinished Sanskrit-Russian dictionary (1854-56), of an edition of Old 
> Persian cuneiform inscriptions (1872), of several Avestic studies and 
> translations of Indian classics into Russian (parts of the Mbh and some 
> dramas). He started his Sanskrit teaching at the Oriental Faculty in 
> 1858, became Professor in 1860, with chair in 1866. As far as I know he 
> was the only teacher of Sanskrit in St.Petersburg in the 1860s. More 
> about him can be found in JRAS 1883, p. xxiii-xxiv, in Biogr. slovar' 
> S.-Peterb. univ. 1, 1896, 346-354 and in Bongard-Levin & Vigasin, The 
> Image of India, Moscow 1984, 71-73. Further sources (not checked by me) 
> are M._O. Marks in Russk. Star. 52, 1886, 605-620; I._B. in Zhurnal Min. 
> Narodn. Prosv. 1883 March 226, 35-42, and A._Ja. Garkavi in Izv. Imp. 
> Arh. Obshch. 10, 433-487.
> P.S. After writing this I was shown a message with suggestion that 
> Sanskrit terms in question may have been learnt abroad. This is of 
> course quite possible, too.
> Klaus Karttunen

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