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The "Sam Bod rGya gSum Shan sByar Gi Tshig mDzod [rNam rGyal
Tshe Ring; published by Mi Rigs dPe sKrun Khang, 1991] "gives
Sanskrit in Tibetan tranliteration with the Tibetan and Chinese
equivalents."  [This is according to "Handbook for Tibetan
Studies at the University of Virginia.  I have not seen this
myself.]  I hope that's helpful.  Kerry Martin Skora/Dept. of
Religious Studies/University of Virginia/kms5f at
According to Lars Martin Fosse:
> I am forwarding this from another list:
> Date:  Thu, 12 Sep 1996 16:17:48 CDT
> From:  kozonoj at (Joseph Kozono)
> Subject:  Sanskrit Chinese
> I am not sure if this question has been asked before, but I would like
> to know if there is any dictionary or glossary in one form or another
> which contains Sanskrit with Chinese (Classical Chinese preferably)
> and viceversa, Classical Chinese Sanskrit.  If someone in this forum
> knows of a resource like this, please let me know.
> Joseph M. Kozono
> kozonoj at
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