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Girish Beeharry gkb at
Thu Sep 12 09:13:19 EDT 1996


>African-American Vernacular].  If we really wanted to display our
>philological feathers, perhaps Sanskrit should be the medium of exchange,
>after all, as it has been in India for some 2000 yrs [and probably for
>similar reasons]....  This is the proper function of dead languages, I

Well, I am looking forward to your sandeshas! There is some Net communicating, 
by amateurs, in Sanskrit. It works very well. Practically everyone uses 
ITRANS's scheme of transliteration. You professionals might think of doing it 
in anushthubha; that should be easy ... :-) A convention for the Vedic accents
has to be agreed upon, though.

As for describing Skt as a dead language, would you then classify Latin & Greek
as mummified languages? 


Girish Beeharry

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