Programs on Hinduism

Gene Thursby gthursby at
Thu Sep 12 08:25:32 EDT 1996

	In response to the request posted by Beatrice Reusch, appended, 
note the WWW links provided by the University of Virginia at
that include the following US university centers for study of South 
Asia: University of California at Berkeley, University of Chicago, 
Columbia University, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, 
University of Texas at Austin, Univrsity of Virginia, University of 
Washington, and University of Wisconsin at Madison.
	The convenient set of links from the University of Virginia is 
augmented (but only slightly) on a page at my individual web site:
which offers a separate link to the Center for Advanced Study of India 
at the University of Pennsylvania (in addition to the South Asia 
Regional Center).
	Gene Thursby <gthursby at>

	On Thu, 12 Sep 1996, B. Reusch wrote:
> A friend doing research in Europe has asked me to compile a list of centers
> or programs dedicated to Hinduism in the US. I know of the Depts. of South
> Asian Studies in Philadephia, Berkeley, Madison, Austin TX and the
> Committee for the Study of Religion at Harvard and the Dept. of Religious
> Studies in Santa Barbara as well.
> Can the US indologists please help me get this list together?
> Thank you so much.

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