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Wed Sep 11 10:25:33 EDT 1996

Although Dominik did not emphasize it, let me express my probably foolish
While it is perhaps imperialistic -- or *can* be imperialistic -- to write in
English and assume that everyone can do so, and can read it, there should be
no reason why one should not write in the language in which they are most
comfortable.  BUT:  like it or not, English is becoming, or has already
become, THE world language, de facto at least.  Indologists who write in
French or German are most welcome; I will happily read their work, and
perhaps most, or many, of the members of this list will as well.  But such
writers must accept the fact that they are limiting their audience from the
get go (and this in a field where the audience is rather limited no matter
what language one writes in, if one might confess it).
I do not mean to imply that this is not something our non-native English
speaking colleagues are unaware of; I fear they are all too aware of it as a
problem.  But one thing those of us who are native speakers *can* do is help
those non-natives who want to publish / write in English all we can.  Perhaps
if a post in another language comes along that one of us can read, but fears
others cannot, he/she can just sit down and tap out a translation?  I suspect
that everyone would be grateful for the help.
Anyway, just a few silly comments.  Sorry to waste your time with them.

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