NEW BOOK: Early Sikh Canon

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Sun Sep 1 07:36:37 EDT 1996

We  take pleasure in announcing a new book in the 

                     HARVARD ORIENTAL SERIES
(ed. M. Witzel):

                            Vol. 51

The Goindval Pothis: The Earliest Extant Source of the Sikh Canon.

                     by Gurinder Singh Mann

   pp. XIV + 219

   [with 18 plates including 16 photos of the mss.]

   ISBN 0-674-35618-7,   Price $ 35.00 (hard cover)

*  For further details (also ordering) please look up the HOS entry via my



   After the recent publication of a reconstitution of the earliest 
Indian text, the Rgveda, in HOS vol. 50, this volume deals with the 
earliest available version of the Sikh canon.

   It contains the first critical description and partial edition of the
Goindval Pothis, a set of proto-scriptural manuscripts prepared in the
1570s. The manuscripts also contain a number of hymns by non-Sikh saints,
some of them not found elsewhere. 

   Through a meticulous analysis of the contents of these rare 
manuscripts, G.M. Singh establishes their place and importance in the 
history of Sikh canon formation.

   The book will be of great interest to scholars of comparative canon 
studies and of medieval Indian literature.


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