Indological series on microfilm

Jonathan Silk SILK at AC.GRIN.EDU
Mon Dec 19 16:00:14 EST 1994

James Nye very kindly pointed Lars Martin Fosse, myself and interested
others to the list on the South Asia Gopher of microfilmed materials.  I
have downloaded this material, and now hope Mr. Nye will kindly help us:
When I checked the computer databases, the notation for Harvard's holdings
indicated that they will not loan the material.  Now, are we to understand
Mr. Nye's note at the head of the list as indicating that although they
will not LOAN material they will copy it and sell the copies?  May we order
privately, or must / should we go through our library?  I am sure others
besides myself would appreciate this information.  (Many extremely rare
materials seem to be available.  However, only series entries are given,
not individual titles, so presumably the patron must provide the details of
the desired volume(s).  Is there a database that lists the contents of such

Jonathan Silk


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