Bibliographic Help requested

Jonathan Silk SILK at AC.GRIN.EDU
Sun Dec 18 19:11:35 EST 1994

I am trying to track down a complete copy of Ksemendra's
_Bodhisattvavadanakalpalata_.  It was edited by Sarat Chandra Das et al. in
the Bibliotheca Indica from 1888 -1913 (I know only the notations
Bibliotheca Indica v. 124, 130, but there should be a third number too).
Some years ago I made a photo copy of *part* of this edition, from a copy
which unfortunately ended about 400 pages into volume 2.  There are
apparently in total 3 volumes (two volumes of the verse version, in Skt.
and Tibetan, one volume of the Tibetan prose paraphrase), but computer
searches have turned up only a microfilm copy at Harvard (1991), which
however apparently will not loan anything, even microfilm.  Most
unfortunately our library does not own a pre-1956 NUC, and many or even
most libraries have not yet input  into computer databases their older (and
of course, to the modern techie crowd therefore useless) materials, so I
cannot check where the volumes might be held.  I know of course about other
materials such as Vaidya's edition, and the excellent recent study by Marek
Mejor, but I would like to see Das's editio princeps.  Does anybody have
any advice or information?

Jonathan Silk


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