South Asian languages/SummerSanskrit programs

Sat Dec 17 21:35:13 EST 1994

Dear Frances,
thank you for your reminder about the Summer SANSKRIT some weeks ago. I 
have now decided to teach it myself, again, as in the past few years.
The details will follow. Typically they include something like the 

: Session c. June 26-Aug. 18;
Meets Monday- Thursday each afternoon 3.30-6 p.m.
8 unit course, tuition (last year) $ 2500 (some assistance available for 
High School students only).
If desired, on Campus housing (last summer) $ 2080.
>From last year's Catalogue: ELEMENTARY SANSKRIT:
stresses learning the Devanagari script, basic grammar, and essential 
vocabulary. Emphasis is given to correct translation of passages from 
simple narrative literature and the epics...

I will send the details for the Columbia gopher as soon as they are ready 

Best wishes for 1995!
Yours Michael

<M.Witzel, Chair, Sanskrit Dept, Harvard U., ph. 617-495 3295, fax 496 8571>

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Members of the list,
		     does anybody know of any recent 
information about Sayana, Madhava and Vidyaranya?  Is
it one person or two or three?  Thank you. Edeltraud.

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