South Asian language programs

Frances Pritchett fp7 at
Sat Dec 17 08:11:25 EST 1994

On Fri, 16 Dec 1994, Jonathan Silk wrote:

> Very recently a list of summer language programs was posted, if I recall
> rightly here on INDOLOGY.  I regret that I deleted this list, because today
> I student asked me about summer programs in Tibetan.  Can someone be so
> kind as to send me the reference for that list, or if you still have it
> sitting in your computer just forward a copy to me, please?  I would
> appreciate it very much.
> Jonathan Silk

I have forwarded directly to Jonathan Silk a copy of the list of South 
Asian language programs that we maintain as part of the ILM (Inventory of 
Language Materials) on our South Asia Gopher.  I can forward it to others 
if needed, or anyone can find it through the Gopher.  This list is more 
complete than the one Steve Poulos had posted, and I've now incorporated 
his updates into it.  All further input welcome, as with the Fonts list 
and the other materials lists.

With good wishes to everyone for the holidays,
Fran Pritchett

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