Buddhism-Tibet: History of Jo-nang-pas

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Thu Dec 15 05:26:04 EST 1994

Dear Rob Mayer,

thank you very much for your informations, especially the address of
Mrs. Hookham. Actually, I know her and her book indeed, but had no
idea of her address, so thanks a lot again. 
I met her early 1989 in India, where we discussed the whole rang-stong/
gzhan-stong subject and I got the idea to start my work in this field
with Lodro Thaye's encyclopaedia, Shes-bya kun-khyab mdzod. I'll
write her soon.
Any further infos in your reach are warmly welcomed!

Best wishes, 

-Johannes B. Tuemmers-

Institute of Indology and Tamil Studies, Pohligstr.1, 50969 Koeln, Germany
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Johannes B. Tuemmers

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